Walk the sky & the girls

This should have been a Facebook post, but it got longer so I converted it into a… small blog post 🙂
I remember a nice story that I probably never told anybody about which happened when I visited the West Grand Canyon:
I was eating at some table (can you imagine tables in the grand canyon, yes there are..) and there was a really good looking black girl at a table next and she was annoyed by some wasps or bees so she “naturally” asked if she can join me to which I replied “yeah, sure”. The wasps didn’t follow her as I have a good energy, even more now than 5 years ago :)))). She was very outgoing, I’m also very communicative and we talked a lot about ourselves, felt a good connection about all this situation. I wondered though what are her intentions, if she was all by herself, if maybe she was the half of a Bonnie & Clyde black couple. Well, I think I know what were the intentions, however we left it like that, a cool interaction & experience. My ex-girlfriend was waiting for me home 🙂 The moral of the story is not about cheating, you crafty jackrabbit, but actually about the big attitude difference between western girls (US or European) and Romanian girls, biiig difference my friend.


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