Stuckness and breaking free


At some point in your life you might feel stuck.

And you’ll probably realise that no motivational article, no book, no song, no friend, no trip, no adventure, no happy memory, no encouragement,  no nothing can get you back on the right track.

And you know why? Because if you do something that worked for somebody else or what they pretend to have worked for them it could not work for you for the simple reason you’re not him/her/they.

It’s like going to the same school that your brother / sister went to, or getting that career that you best friend pursues and so on.

Won’t fulfill you in the end so FOLLOW YOUR OWN DAMN PATH.

If you need 1 month to grieve your stuckness, then do that and rise like a phoenix afterwards.

You don’t need to disconnect from your stuckness and connect to some roller coaster that you would ride or to a tree you hug in some virgin forest (you can do that later of course 😉 ).

Feel your stuckness, accept it, don’t resist it, it’s there because you asked for it, you need it, so live it deeply and it will pass by itself.

And by the time it’s gone you’ll know what you have to do to resume your journey on a happy and fulfilled life.


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